Saturday, December 10, 2005

Batch 27 Amber Ale

Batch #27, Dec 10, 2005

Malt extract:
13 pounds pils extract (bulk)

Malted grain:
1 pound crystal malt 40L
1 pount crystal malt 60L


2 oz Cascade60 min
2 oz Mt. Hood15 min
2 tsp Irish Moss15 min

Wyeast 1056, American ale yeast harvested from batch 25.

OG: 1.046
FG: 1.010

Kegged: 2 Jan 2006


10 Dec 2005, It's freezing outside, so I had some extra work. Usually I drag the hose from the front yard faucet over to the garage, but the hose was frozen solid. I ended up hauling water from the kitchen. Cleaning up was harder, and I didn't have any water for the wort chiller. I just put the wort into the fermenter hot, as cold as it is, it ought to be cool enough to add the yeast tomorrow.

11 Dec 2005, actually, too cold. It was 47F this morning. Need to get it warmed up enough now to add the yeast...

12 Dec 2005, finally warm enough to pitch the yeast. 10 days at 66F, then 15 days a 55F. Need to transfer to secondary on 22 Dec, then 15 days in secondary.

23 Dec 2005, transfered to secondary, harvested yeast.

2 Jan 2006, crap, I should have read these notes before kegging. I was thinking 10 days in secondary, but the original recipe for Alaskan Amber says 15. I did 11, so guess I'll just have to relax and have a homebrew!

22 Jan 2005, tapped the first keg. Tasty!