Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beer Balance Calculators

These calculators are based on the formulas and ideas found in this
article: On Beer Balance.

Beer Balance Calculator

This calculator determines how balanced a beer is.
Values close to 1 mean the beer is balanced. Values greater than 1 means
the beer is out of balance toward the hoppy side, values less than 1 means
the beer is out of balance toward the malty side.
Enter OG and FG values in Gravity Units (GU). Gravity Units are the numbers right of the decimal point of the specific gravity without leading zeros, so, for example, if the original gravity is 1.055, enter 55, or if the OG is 1.110, enter 110.


IBU Calculator

This calculator finds the IBU's necessary to produce a balanced beer with
the given OG. Since the intent of this calculator is to help formulate
recipes, it is assumed that FG = OG x 0.25. Enter the OG value in Gravity

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