Thursday, April 20, 2023

Batch 286 - Mosaic IPA

 I'm running out of brewing supplies, so this batch and the next are what I have left. This one is fairly close to the Mosaic IPA I've made in the past, it's a little light on the grain, so a bit less on the ABV.

5 gallon batch

11 lb 2-row

17 oz white wheat

5.6 oz Crystal 60 (all I had)

Heated mash water to 168F, got 156F in the mash tun. Added 1 tsp phosphoric acid. Collected 7 gallons in the boil kettle.

2 oz Magnum, 60 min

1 tsp Irish Moss, 15 min

3.4 oz Mosaic, 10 min (all I had)

60 minute boil. 5.5 gallons in the fermenter.

Al and Louie yeast, it's either Safale 05 or it's kveik, it works.

Brewtarget stats:

OG: 1.052

FG: 1.014

ABV: 5.2%

SRM: 6.0

IBU: 131 ???!!! seems high, but I really haven't had a good hoppy beer from pellets, so maybe this one will be it.