Friday, June 3, 2016

Batch 188, Malted Cider

Just like the last batch of this, which turned out to be really nice and drinkable.

5 gallon batch

1 gallon wort from batch 187
11 12 oz cans Winco frozen Apple concentrate
3 gallons water

Mix it all up in a fermenter, adjust to pitching temp, oxygenate, add 1 quart of London Ale III that I saved from the last batch I made of this.

Like last batch, the gravity of the gallon of wort was a little low, so I added 1/2 lb DME to get it to 1.050. Also like last batch, I didn't think to get a hydrometer sample, so I have no idea what the OG is. I tried to set this up in BrewTarget, but I'm not certain I have it set correctly. I think the OG should be around 1.058, with an ABV of about 5.7.

This is so easy to do, it adds no time at all to a brew day. I made the cider while the boil was in progress.

June 9, 2016, fermentation is done, it's right at 1.010, so I turned the freezer down to 33F to cold crash.

June 11, 2016, kegged and harvested the yeast. The yeast looks excellent!

June 12, 2016, realized today that I'd forgotten to add the Cream of Tartar to the keg, so I did that today, 2 tsp. That most excellent looking yeast had expanded in the mason jar and leaked all over the fridge.

Batch 187, Guava IPA

Yet another attempt at perfecting a guava IPA recipe. I didn't have on hand the same ingredients as last time, so I made some changes that should still be good.

10 gallon batch

15 lbs 2-row
5 lbs pilsner
2.5 lbs wheat
1 kg guava paste

Mashed at 153F for 1 hour. Batch sparge. Collected 4 gallons in the BK, so I used 10 gallons for the sparge, 9 to go into the BK, and an extra gallon for a batch of malted cider. Adjusted pH of the mash and the sparge to ~5.3. Recirc for about 10 minutes each batch.

90 minute boil

5/8 oz Citra and 1 oz Sorachi Ace, FWH
3 oz Magnum, 60 min
3 oz Citra, 5 min

I was short on Citra, last time I'd used 1.75 oz as FWH. I figured it would be better to use the Citra for a flavor addition at 5 minutes, and the Sorachi Ace has enough citrus flavors that it should be complimentary.

London Ale III, 2 quarts from a previous batch.

OG: 1.057, 1060 actual
FG: 1.015
ABV: 5.6
IBU: 98
SRM: 9.6 (I have set the SRM for the guava paste to 60 in my brewing software, it's just a guess.)