Saturday, July 29, 2006

Batch 38, Gemütlich

July 29, 2006, Gemütlich


6 lbs 2 row
4 lbs wheat
.75 lbs Quaker oats
.25 lbs honey
.5 lbs crystal 60


1 oz Tettnanger, 90 minutes
.5 oz Tettnanger, 30 minutes
2 oz Tettnanger, 5 minutes

Wyeast 1272

OG: 1.052
FG: 1.010

Kegged: Aug 26, 2006

This is such a nice recipe! Smooth and refreshing.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Batch 37, Panama Red

July 14. 2006: 5 gallon batch of Panama Red

Same as batch 35.

Yeah, these are crappy notes, but the beer was excellent!

A Brew Day

Brew Day, July 14, 2006, brewing Panama Red.

This is a nice, hoppy beer. It was a nice day, so I took some pictures to show the process. Start to finish, including clean up is right at 5 hours for a 10 gallon batch of beer.

The recipe is pretty simple, but is perhaps my favorite. I made it up myself.

20.25 lbs 2-row
1.5 lbs Crystal 40 or 60 or 80
0.5 lbs Chocolate malt

2 oz Mt Hood, FWH
1.5 oz Nugget, 60 min
2 oz Cascade, 10 min
2 oz Cascade, 5 min
2 oz Mt Hood, 5 min

Wyeast 1272, American Ale II

Grinding the grain. This is the corona-style mill that I traded to Doug for a 6-pack of Scottish ale after I got a Barley Crusher.
The corona mill works fine, but was a little messy to use.

The grain is ground.

Brewery is set up, HLT on the left, mash tun in the center, boil kettle on the right.

Mashing in, aiming for 153F.

Hops are ready, there is almost a half pound of hops in this recipe.

First wort hops. 2 oz of Mt. Hood go in first, the rest per schedule.

Using a March pump to transfer from mash tun to boil kettle. Using a pump means I can keep all the kettles at the same height and
don't have to lift hot, heavy pots.

Putting the heat on the boil kettle. While boiling, I clean up and put away the rest of the equipment.

Good, rolling boil.

Chilling with my counter-flow chiller. The water comes out of our well at 56F, so it chills quickly.

Yeast is ready to pitch, I'm using Wyeast 1272 in this recipe.

Fermenters in the fermentation box. I use jugs of ice in the summer, the light bulbs in the winter. Red Green should be so lucky to own such a thing!

It's really just that easy!

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Batch 36, Dunkelweiss

Okay, I'm done copying and pasting from my old website, so these posts will be coming a little slower.

4 lbs 2 row
5 lbs munich
.25 lbs chocolate

1 oz Tettnanger, 60 min

Wyeast 1056

I think the yeast was bad, it was on it's 5th generation, this batch went down the drain.