Saturday, July 2, 2011

Batch 113, Double Cherry

Last entry for the Brewforia/Simian competition. The rules are different on this one, must use chocolate wheat malt, Sorachi Ace hops, and Wyeast 3463, Forbidden Fruit yeast.

5 gallons

OG: 1.072 actual
FG: 1.018 est
IBU: 23
SRM: 22 (not counting the cherries)
ABV 7.0%

0.25 lbs Chocolate Wheat Malt
12.0 lbs American 2-Row Barley
1.0 lbs Belgian Special "B"

Mash at 158F for 60 minutes. Used RO water from Treasure Valley Coffee, added 1/2 tsp calcium chloride and 1/2 tsp gypsum in mash water.

0.75 oz Sorachi Ace hops, pellet, 60 minutes

1/2 tsp Irish Moss, 15 minutes

Wyeast 3463, Forbidden Fruit yeast, 1 packet, pitched direct with no starter.

Added July 10 to primary:
1.5 lbs Bing Cherries, pitted and food processed
1.0 lbs raisins, food processed

July 18, racked to keg for cold conditioning.