Friday, September 25, 2015

Batch 177, Prickly Pear beer

We happened to be driving by my old neighborhood the other day and noticed that the prickly pear patch was ready for harvest. We picked 13 pounds of pears.

10 gallon batch

16 lbs 2-row
13 lbs prickly pears, washed and pureed in a food processor
2 oz Mt Hood @ 60 minutes
Wyeast 1272

That's it, a really simple and easy recipe. I added the prickly pears at flameout, then recirculated through the chiller until the temp in the boil kettle was below 120F, then filled the fermenter at 68F. This should take about a week to ferment, then I'll keg it and put it under the house until next summer. This beer tastes like crap until it has aged a while.

OG was 1.042, that is after adding the pears, a little lower than I'd expected, I thought I'd get somewhere around 1.050. It'll be a nice easy to drink session beer next year.

Update 3 Oct 2015: Looks like this is about ready to keg. The color is really pink!