Saturday, November 2, 2013

Batch 146, Leeser

Continuing to fine-tune this recipe. I switched from qbrew to BrewTarget, which puts out this nice html. For this batch, I did a double decoction mash, and used a lot more Saaz for finishing hops. Also, the Magnum I used for bittering is FWH. So just two hops additions, the Magnum at FWH, and the Saaz at 5 minutes.

Style Bohemian Pilsener Date Sat Nov 2 2013
Boil Time 90.000 min Efficiency 70
Boil Volume 12.588 gal Preboil Gravity 1.052
Final Volume 10.088 gal Starting Gravity 1.054
IBU 37.9 Final Gravity 1.014
ABV 5.3% Estimated calories(per 12 oz) 179



Total grain: 23.000 lb
Name Type Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
Pilsner (2 Row) Ger Grain 20.000 lb Yes No 81% 2.0 srm
Cara-Pils/Dextrine Grain 1.000 lb Yes No 72% 2.0 srm
Munich Malt - 10L Grain 1.000 lb Yes No 77% 10.0 srm
Vienna Malt Grain 1.000 lb Yes No 78% 4.0 srm


Name Alpha Amount Use Time Form IBU
Magnum 13.5% 1.500 oz First Wort 90.000 min Leaf 31.9
Saaz (USA) 3.8% 6.000 oz Boil 5.000 min Leaf 6.0


Name Type Use Amount Time
Irish Moss Fining Boil 1.000 tsp 15.000 min


Name Type Form Amount Stage
Wyeast 2124 - Bohemian Lager Lager Liquid 0.528 cup Primary



Completed Time Step
-- Add grains :
  • 20.000 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Ger,
  • 1.000 lb Vienna Malt,
  • 1.000 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine,
  • 1.000 lb Munich Malt - 10L
-- Heat water :
  • 8.615 gal water to 132.954 F,
  • 6.963 gal water to 181.068 F
75.000 min Infusion - Protein : Add 8.615 (who can measure this accurately? I eyeballed 8.75 gallons) gal water at 132.954 F (135F actual) to mash to bring it to 121.000 F (125F actual). Hold for 10.000 min. Adjust pH to 5.2.
55.000 min Decoction - Beta : Pull 3.401 gallons of thick part of mash (~10 qts actual, I mis-converted gallons to quarts, but it worked out okay). Heat to 147F, hold 10 minutes. Note this means the main mash is holding for 20+ minutes for the protein rest. Bring to a boil and return to the mash tun to bring main mash to 147.000 F (149F actual, not bad). Check pH.
35.000 min Decoction - Alpha : Rest 10 minutes. Pull 2.918 gal of the thick part of the mash (did about 10 qts again). Heat to 158F, hold 10 minutes. Bring to a boil and return to the mash tun to bring it to 158.000 F (157F actual, pretty decent). Check pH. Rest 20 more minutes. Iodine test shows conversion complete after 15 minutes, so drained to boil kettle. Note that FWH are already in the kettle.
15.000 min Infusion - Batch Sparge : Add 6.963 gal water (7.5 gallons actual to hit 12.5 in BK, but actually ended up with 13 gallons in BK) at 181.068 F to mash to bring it to 165.000 F. Hold for 15.000 min. Adjust pH to 5.2.
-- First wort hopping : Do first wort hopping with 1.500 oz Magnum. Record pre-boil SG and pH.
90.000 min Start boil : Bring the wort to a boil and hold for 90.000 min.
15.000 min Misc addition : Put 1.000 tsp Irish Moss into boil for 15.000 min.
5.000 min Hop addition : Put 6.000 oz Saaz (USA) into boil for 5.000 min.
-- Flameout : Stop boiling the wort.
-- Post boil : You should have 11.088 gal wort post-boil (forgot to measure). You anticipate losing 1.000 gal to trub and chiller loss. The final volume in the primary is 10.088 gal (close enough, looks like 10 gallons even to me). Record SG (1.052) and pH (5.23).
-- Pitch yeast : Cool wort, oxygenate (60 seconds in each fermenter), and pitch Wyeast 2124 - Bohemian Lager Lager yeast, to the primary.
-- Ferment : Let ferment until FG is 1.014. See recipe notes.
-- Transfer to secondary : Transfer beer to secondary.
Actual PreBoil Volume:13 gallons Actual PreBoil Gravity:1.052
PostBoil Volume:??? PostBoil Gravity:1.055
Volume into fermenter:5 gallons in 2 fermenter buckets.


Ferment 12 days at 50F
Raise to 65F, hold for 1 day
Rack to kegs Lager 40 days at 34F
Without moving lager kegs, rack to new kegs
Prime with 2.25 oz table sugar per keg
Ready to drink in 14 days