Sunday, November 23, 2008

Batch 68, Panama Red

Yet another batch of Panama Red, see earlier posts about this.

Actually, the OG came out a bit on the high side this time, 1.068. Usually I get about 1.056.

Jan 23, 2009: the first keg of this blew foam this evening. Second keg is on the gas now, so it should be ready in a few days. The flavor is a little odd on this batch. I think the Nugget hops I'm using for bittering might be too old. The ones I have are from the 2007 crop.

Feb 3, 2009: I had gas issues -- the CO2 in the basement kegerator ran out before this was carbed, so I pumped it up to 30 lbs and moved the keg out of the garage to the basement. Hopefully, that will be just about right for when I get a new CO2 tank.

Feb 15, 2009: Brewed another batch of this today, but I used Galena instead. I threw out the Nugget since I think they gave this batch an off-flavor. Drinkable, but off.

Feb 16, 2009: Finally got a new CO2 tank. Tapped this today since both kegs in the basement had gone dry. Carbonation seemed a little high, but nice. Head retention is excellent. Flavor is still a little off.