Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nitro tap teardown

My nitro tap had the same keg of stout on it since July. It was getting sticky, and since the keg blew last night, I thought it was time to take the tap apart and clean it. This isn't your ordinary tap, not even an ordinary nitro tap.

It looks like this:

That extra knob on the back is awesome, it lets me adjust the flow, and works really well for filling bottles and growlers when the aerator disk is removed.

Taken apart it looks like this:

There ae quite a few pieces and quite a few o-rings. It really wasn't that dirty on the inside, some build up here and there where you'd expect. It's pretty easy to clean. I lubed all the o-rings while I had it apart, and took this picture so I'd remember in the future how it goes back together.

After I got it all cleaned and reassembled, I put a keg of 'End of the World' on tap.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Batch 148, Sculpin IPA clone

The club did the annual group brew on New Years day, which is traditional. We did this recipe that I found on-line and posted in the club forum:

Supposedly this is the recipe for Sculpin that Ballast Point passed around at NHC a few years ago:

%   Amount   Name   Origin   Potential   SRM
80   11.00 lbs   Pale Malt (2 Row) 1.8L   America   1.036   2
7.3   1.00 lbs   Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt   America   1.033   2
3.6   0.50 lbs   CaraVienne Malt   Belgium   1.034   24
9.1   1.25 lbs   Crystal Malt 10L   America   1.035   10
Amount   Name   Form   Alpha   IBU   Boil Time
1.00 oz   Amarillo Gold   Pellet   9.4   45.6   Mash Hop
0.50 oz   Warrior   Pellet   16.3   35.9   60min
0.25 oz   Magnum   Pellet   14.4   15.9   60min
0.25 oz   Hallertau Northern Brewer   Pellet   7.1   7.8   60min
0.25 oz   Tomahawk   Pellet   16.4   18.1   60min
0.25 oz   Crystal   Pellet   3.6   2   60min
0.25 oz   Centennial   Pellet   9.9   5.6   30min
0.25 oz   Simcoe   Pellet   13.6   7.6   30min
1.00 oz   Amarillo Gold   Pellet   9.4   0   0min
1.00 oz   Simcoe   Pellet   13.6   0   0min
2.00 oz   Amarillo Gold   Pellet   9.4   0   Dry Hop
1.00 units Whirlfloc Tablets 15min boil             
White Labs WLP001 California Ale

Joe hosted and Steve P gave me a hand. Good times!

I think everyone used a different yeast for this, I used 1272 from batch 147.