Friday, September 14, 2018

Batch 218, Oktoberfest

Last year's batch was not good. Drinkable, I guess, but no one really liked it. Not sure why it didn't come out as well as the year before.

10 gallons

There is a slight change in the grain bill from last time, the home brew store was out of Vienna, so I use more Munich in its place. There should have been 8 lb of Munich, 7 of Vienna, I used 15 lbs Munich this time.

10 lb 2-row
15 lb Munich
1.5 lb White Wheat
1.0 lb Crystal 60

Mashed at 142F for 1 hour, then a 10 min recirc per sparge. I wasn't aiming that low, but that's what it was and I didn't adjust the temp. Adjusted pH to 5.2

1.25 oz Magnum, 60 min
2.25 oz Mt Hood, 5 min
1.25 Hallertau, 5 min

90 minute boil

Used 1 quart of the same yeast as in Batch 217.

OG: 1.060 actual
FG: 1.015
IBU: 28.7
SRM: 10.0
ABV: 6.0%

Batch 217, Leeser

A double batch day, doing lagers so they can sit and lager while we head to Mexico for the winter.

10 gallons

21.5 lb pilsner
1.5 lb white wheat

Mashed at 146F, adjusted pH to 5.2.

1.5 oz Magnum, 60 min
3.0 oz Saaz, 5 min

90 minute boil

Used a combination of 2 packs of Wyeast Bohemian Lager yeast and 1 pack of White Labs Oktoberfest. I made a 2 quart starter with these, 1 quart went into this batch, the other into the next batch. Fermenting at 55F.

OG: 1.052 actual
FG: 1.014
IBU: 33.8
SRM: 4.0
ABV: 5.6%