Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Batch 25, Oatmeal Stout

Batch #25, October 18, 2005

The last batch of this was so good, it definitely rated a double batch.

Malt extract:
13.5 lbs pils malt extract

Malted grain:
3 lb crystal 80L
8 oz black patent malt
12 oz chocolate malt

12 oz oatmeal (this is not a malted grain, it's just regular Quaker oats)

2 oz Cascade60 min
2 tsp Irish moss10 min

Wyeast 1056 from batch 22, 2.1 and batch 24, 2.2

OG: 1.044
FG: 1.010

Steep the grains in boil pot with 3 gallons of water for 30 minutes at 155 F, sparge, remove.
Add malt extract, water to make 10 gallons, bring to boil.
Hop per schedule.

Kegged: November 1, 2005

Again, an awesome beer!

10 Dec 2005: the first keg has been gone for a while, the second keg is still waiting to be tapped. I like this double batch process, it means I have several varieties at once.

20 Dec 2005: tapped the second keg, Batch 24 finally ran out so I had an available tap.

27 Jan 2006: finally finished off the second keg. This was such an excellent beer, my next batch will be another one of these.