Saturday, April 7, 2007

Batch 44, Panama Red

This is the same as batch 35, again. Someone on the Northern Brewer forum asked about how long it takes for each step of the brewing process, so I wrote down my times on this batch.

8 am, started
8:05, HLT heating water
Grinding grain while HLT heating
8:35, HLT at 165F
8:40, mash in with 30 qts
Weigh hops while mashing
9:40 start sparge, Mt Hood FWH
10:00 start burner for boil
10:25 boiling
10:50 added Nugget hops
11:20 added Perle
11:40 added Cascade
11:50 added Cascade
12:00 began chilling
12:35 transfer to fermenter
12:55 All done