Saturday, August 7, 2004

The first batch

Batch #1, August 7, 2004, a Pilsner-like beer

Malt extract:
6 2/3 pounds Briess Pilsner light

1 oz Spalt, fresh
1 oz Saaz, pellets

Wyeast 1007, German Ale yeast

Cooking instructions:
The minute timer starts when the water comes to a boil.
* Bring water to boil
* 0:00 Add malt extract
* 0:10 Add Spalt hops
* 0:50 Add Saaz hops and 1 tsp Irish moss
* 1:00 Remove from heat

I had some trouble with the malt extract, it stuck on the bottom as the pan was apparently too hot. I'm using one of those big canning pots, the blue enamel ones with the white speckles. Next time I'll turn off the heat before adding the malt and see if that helps.

Bottled on August 21, 2004, with 3/4 cup corn sugar for priming.

This was an excellent first batch, a very good beer, but nothing like the German pilsner I was hoping for. I had some trouble keeping the temperature down during fermentation, so I set the whole thing in the bath tub and filled the tub with cold water. Our tap water comes from a well and is 59 degrees F, which did a good job of keeping the fermenting beer at about 65 degrees F.

Linda says I should name this "Packer Backer" beer, since it will be ready right at the start of football season. In fact, we went to Phoenix and watch the Packers play (and lose to) the Cardinals while this batch was fermenting.