Thursday, November 12, 2009

Club meeting at TableRock

Some pics from the club meeting at the Table Rock brew pub. Bob, the brewmaster, gave us a tour through the brewery and answered lots of questions. This was an excellent educational meeting!

Steve checks out the mash tun.

Plumbing and grain auger above the 485 gallon mash tun.

In the brew house.

Bob the brewmaster and Bob the Bronco. Mash tun to the left, boil kettle behind.

Fermenters. The serving/bright tanks for dispensing to the bar area are behind the white door. Table Rock does keg beer, and will fill Corny kegs.

Fermenters, looking the other way. Notice the hose in the bucket, that is the blowoff tube for the fermenter. The people are gathered around a table with some grain and hops samples.

Close up of a fermenter full of Copperhead Red.

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