Sunday, April 11, 2010

Batch 89, Summer

A slight variation on the Summer recipe from last year. I didn't realize that I was totally out of grain other than 2 row until I went to grind, so this is only 2-row. The recipe last summer had a pound of wheat and a little bit of crystal. I mashed at a lower temp (notes from last year don't say for sure, but I'm certain I mashed at 154F). Mashing at 150F should give a thinner bodied, drier beer, and since this is intended to be sort of a 'lawnmower' beer, it seemed like a good idea.

10 gallons

20 lbs 2-row
Mash at 150F for 90 minutes. I read in the Brewmaster's Bible that I should mash for 90 minutes at this temp.

1/2 oz Willamette, FWH
2 oz Northern Brewer, 60 minutes
2 oz Cascade, 5 minutes
90 minute boil

Wyeast 1272 from batch 87.

OG: 1.060 actual

Kegged April 26.
FG: 1.012 actual

Primed the kegs with 8 oz table sugar dissolved in 1 pint water, poured half of the priming sugar in each keg. I don't usually carbonate naturally, but I figure that I really should. These will likely sit for a few weeks anyway, might as well let the yeast carb the kegs so they are ready sooner once they are in the beer fridge. I used the handy calculator here to calculate how much sugar to use for priming.

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