Saturday, April 2, 2011

New SS Braids

My old SS braids for my kettles are looking pretty pathetic. They are old, stained, stretched, and flattened. I only had two braids, one for my mash tun and one for my boil kettle. I wanted a third for my HLT so it could double as a boil kettle, which I've used it for when making partigyle batches. I got enough parts to make three new ones.

Parts list:
1 - 6' washing machine hose with stainless steel braid, cut into 2' sections
3 - 1/2" copper T fittings
3 - 1/2" copper elbow fittings
1 - 1/2" copper pipe, 18" long
6 - 3/4" hose clamps
1 - 7' 14 gauge Romex house wire, cut into 28" sections

I got the washing machine hose from a local building materials recycling store for $3. I bought the 1/2" copper fittings, pipe, and hose clamps at Lowes for about $10. I already had the Romex, and already had solder and a propane torch to join the copper pieces.  Pretty cheap project.

I only used the ground wire out of the Romex. My thought with the wire is to insert it through the inside of the braid and twist the ends together. That will keep the braid from stretching, and I think it will also help keep it from floating.

I cut the copper pipe into three 3" pieces and three 2" pieces. This works out just right for my kettles.

Most of the parts.

Assembly in progress.

I cut off the end of the twisted part.

A little out of focus, but this shows how well the wire keeps the braid nice and round.

All done and ready to put in a kettle.

Installed in a kettle. Looks good!

Three new SS braids.

New vs old. See why I'm replacing them?

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