Sunday, May 22, 2011

Batch 109, Hefeweizen

Looking back, I haven't made a hefeweizen in a couple of years. It's always a nice summer-time drink, so it seemed like a good idea to brew now so it'll be ready when the heat hits.

10 gallon batch

OG 1.047, 1.052 actual
FG 1.012, 1.015 actual
IBU 16
ABV 4.6%

4.5 lbs Munich
5.0 lbs 2-row
9.0 lbs wheat

Step mash, dough in at 113F for 10 min for ferulic acid rest, this enhances the clove flavor.
Step to 145F, hold 1 hour.
Step to 168F, mash out.
Collect 12 gallons, 1 hour boil

2 oz Hallertau @ 60 min

Chill to 56F, then pitch and let temperature raise to 64-66F.

Wyeast 3333, German Wheat, 3 qt starter. First time using this yeast, I guess when the homebrew store is out of the first choice, it causes new experiences.

I screwed this up right from the start. For some reason, I divided by 2 instead of by 4 to convert quarts to gallons, so I had a very thin mash. That blew my step mash plan of adding hot water to raise the temps. I used direct heat, and even with using my pump to recirculate and stirring constantly, I still scorched the mash. Fortunately, I can't taste any scorch flavor in the wort. Then when I did the first runnings, I forgot to vorlauf and got quite a bit of sludge into the boil kettle.

It took overnight in my freezer with Johnson controller to get the wort to 56F. I pitched the yeast Monday after work. For a change, I'm using the big fermenter that I usually use in the garage in the winter. I put it in the basement where the temp stays right at 64-66F all year long. I like using that fermenter as it makes both kegs more alike.

Update June 5: racked to kegs. Added 1 pound of table sugar before racking for natural carbonation.

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