Saturday, October 27, 2012

Batch 128, Barleywine partigyle

My homebrew club is doing another barrel aged beer, this time a barleywine. The recipe is a Bigfoot clone. I bumped up the grain bill to do a partigyle.

5 gallons barleywine, 5 gallons pale ale.

30 lbs 2-row
1.5 lbs Crystal 60

2.0 oz Chinook, 60 minutes
1.0 oz Cascade, 20 minutes
1.0 oz Centennial, 20 minutes
2.0 oz Cascade, 10 minutes
1.0 oz Centennial, 10 minutes

This is hops for 5 gallons, so double these hops as this quantity goes in both boil kettles.

Wyeast 1272, American Ale II

This is slightly different than the Bigfoot clone recipe, I was a little short on Centennial, and didn't have the darker crystal malt on hand.

This gives an OG of 1.075. Reading my partigyle notes, this will make a barleywine at 1.103 and a smaller beer at 1.050.

31.5 lbs grain will absorb 4 gallons of water (31.5 lbs x 0.125 gal/lbs = 3.9 gal = 4 gal or close enough), so I mashed with 11 gallons to get 7 gallons of wort in the boil kettle with a single run off.

Sparged with 7 gallons into a second boil kettle for the pale ale. No additional absorption on the second runnings, so collected all 7 gallons.

I used my HLT as the second boil kettle and forgot to put in the SS braid before filling it, so I used a hop bag.

Barleywine OG: 1.104 actual
Pale ale OG: 1.058 actual

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