Monday, March 17, 2014

Brewday Pictures, March 15, 2014

I took a few pictures while brewing on Saturday.

I found a couple of unlabeled bottles in the back of the beer fridge, it turns out one was the Scotch Ale and the other was the Bourbon Barrel Stout. Score!

Grinding grain

The brewery

Really cloudy Sculpin clone, even after a 1 micron filter

First wort hops are Magnum

Scotch ale

Scotch ale

Racking an amber ale to kegs

The Scotch ale, compare this to the Sculpin


Listening to old hippy music while brewing

Bourbon barrel stout

Amber is kegged

Bucket fermenter before cleaning

A nice quart of 1272, American Ale II

Pre-boil gravity

Whirlpool with hops turds

Fermenters are cleaned, bag in one

Wort is bagged, oxygenated, yeast added

OG, looks like about 1.058

Hops turds again

Next day a the Edge

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