Monday, December 22, 2014

Batch 164, Amber at the Edge

I was talking with Kerry and Tyler, the brewers at the Edge, about brewing and that I didn't think I had time to do a batch since Lisa and I are headed out on a long road trip. Tyler suggested brewing anyway and putting the beer in a 15 gallon barrel and aging it until we get back. Sounds like a plan. Since I only had a few days, I went with a simple recipe, one that would be fermented in less than a week and ready to go into a barrel. I went with the amber that I've made at home a few times.

20 gallon batch

24 lb 2-row
8 lb Munich
3 lb Crystal 60
2 lb White Wheat
9 oz Chocolate malt

Mash at 154F for 60 minutes

3 oz Galena, 60 minutes
2 oz Mt Hood, 10 minutes

Also added some clarifiying agent and yeast nutrient at 10 minutes, some stuff Tyler gave me.

San Diego Super yeast, probably a quart of a first generation that Kerry pulled off of a cream ale.

No idea on numbers since I didn't measure anything other than the above. I've got to brew on that system a few more times and get some process down. Got it all in a fermenter, and I'm sure it'll be beer.

It looks like I'm done sparging and am getting ready to boil in this shot.

Fly sparging takes forever.

12/28/2014 Was going to meet Kerry at the Edge to transfer the beer to the barrel, but she was sick and she said she'd do it on Monday. That'll be a full week, so I'm sure it will be done fermenting by then.

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  1. We left for Mexico the next day, Dec 29, and didn't get back until mid-March. No one seems to know what happened to this beer. I'm guessing it was kegged and served, unless its' still hiding in a barrel somewhere.


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