Friday, September 22, 2017

Batch 204, Guava IPA

Yet another variation on the Guava IPA I've made before. This time I changed up the hops schedule.

10 gallon batch

20 lb 2-row
2.5 lb wheat
3 lb guava juice concentrate (4 cans Winco frozen guava juice, added to the fermenter)

MT initial temp 50F
8 gallons sparge water, 175F
Mash in temp 156F, pH 5.25, finished at 145F, it was a cold day.

1 oz Citra, 12.6% AA, FWH
2 oz Amarillo, 7.7% AA, 60 min
2 oz El Dorado, 10.7% AA, 60 min
2 tsp Irish Moss, 15 min
3 oz Citra, 12.6 % AA, 5 min

90 minute boil

Wyeast 1272, American Ale II, from Batch 202.

OG: 1.056 before adding the guava, 1.062 after. Like last time, I added the guava juice directly to the fermenter.

Update 10 Oct 2017, the guava tastes super juicy! It needs a little more carbonation, but this is going to be good!

Note for future reference -- I was at Walmart the other day and saw they have canned whole guavas. I might need to try that next time.

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