Friday, April 12, 2019

Batch 221 Mosaic IPA

I still have quite a few Mosaic hops from last fall, so I'm doing a single hop batch.

10 gallons

2-row, 25 lb
Biscuit malt, 1.5 lb
White wheat, 1.5 lb
Chocolate malt, 2 oz

Adjusted pH to 5.2, mashed at 154F for 1 hour, recirc for 10 minutes each batch. Collected 13 gallons in the boil kettle, plus 1 extra gallon for cider.

Mosaic, 2 oz, FWH
Mosaic, 2.5 oz, 60 minutes
Irish Moss, 2 tbs, 15 minutes
Mosaic, 4 oz, 5 minutes

90 minute boil

Wyeast 1272 from batch 219. Did a 1 qt starter, which blew out of my 1 gallon starter container.

OG: 1.061, 1.062 actual
FG: 1.016
ABV: 6.2%
SRM: 7.9
IBU: 82.4

Easy brew day, no problems with the pump, hit the mash temp dead on the first time, volumes all look good. Cleaned the plate chiller with PWB (oxyclean and TSP 50/50 mix), still some crud coming out even though I cleaned the crap out of it last week.

Recipe and doodles
Yeast from batch 220, it's a little pink because of the guava, the colors looked really nice. This is the container I use to make starters in.

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