Friday, July 16, 2021

Batch 251, Apple Cider

 Just a plain cider this time. I'll probably add some vanilla and cinnamon when kegging.

5 gallon batch

1 gallon wort from batch 250

11 12oz cans Winco frozen apple juice

Enough water to top it up to 5 gallons

So as usual, I just ran off an extra gallon at the end of the second sparge into a fermenter, then added the 11 cans of apple juice, then topped up to 5 gallons. 

Oxygenated, then pitched a new pack of 1318, London Ale III.

Aug 5, 2021: I'm not sure what happened exactly. The yeast never took off, so I scraped some off of the top of batch 250. That didn't get it going either, so I pitched a quart of 1272. It finally started to ferment and finished at 1.004. Kegged on Aug 3, added gelatin to the keg.

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