Thursday, April 7, 2022

Batch 268, another pale ale

 I'm still trying to get my brewery in Baja to make beer like I want. It keeps coming out "okay", but not nearly as good as when I make it at my US brewery.

Here is the recipe as produced by BrewTarget, but with a few changes made when I actually brewed it. I thought my pellet packets were 2 oz, but they were just 1 oz, so I adjusted on the fly. I'm hoping to get some actual hop flavor this time, maybe even an IPA out of this?

baja pale ale - American IPA (14B)
Batch Size  5.500 gal
Boil Size   6.000 gal
Boil Time   1.000 hr
Efficiency  70%
OG          1.055 sg
FG          1.014 sg
ABV         5.6%
Bitterness  92.9 IBU (Tinseth)
Color       6.6 srm (Morey)

Name                  Type   Amount     Mashed  Late  Yield  Color
Pale Malt (2 Row) US  Grain  10.000 lb  Yes     No    79%    2.0 srm
White Wheat Malt      Grain  12.000 oz  Yes     No    86%    2.0 srm
Chocolate Malt (US)   Grain  1.000 oz   No      No    60%    350.0 srm
Total grain: 10.812 lb

Name     Alpha  Amount    Use   Time        Form    IBU
Magnum   13.5%  1.000 oz  Boil  60.000 min  Pellet  73.4
Cascade  6.0%   1.500 oz  Boil  60.000 min   Pellet  6.5
Cascade  6.0%   1.000 oz  Boil  5.000 min   Pellet  6.5
Citra    12.0%  2.000 oz  Boil  5.000 min   Pellet  13.0

Name        Type    Use   Amount     Time
Irish Moss  Fining  Boil  1.000 tsp  15.000 min

Name                           Type  Form    Amount     Stage
WLP001 - California Ale Yeast  Ale   Liquid  2.37 tbsp  Primary

Update: It wasn't very good.

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