Saturday, March 18, 2023

Batch 285, a Pale Ale of some sort

 Still in Baja, still working off of last years grain, just about done. I have enough for maybe 2 more 5 gallon batches. I'd brought a bunch of pilsner malt and quite a bit of Saaz hops, intending to make a "Leeser" sort of beer, so this is as close as it's going to get.

5 gallon batch

For grain, just this:

12 lb, 13 oz pilsner malt

The odd size is due to the packaging, that was two five pound bags (more or less) and a partial bag with a couple of pounds. Did some math, added some water, the usual. Got just over 6 gallons in the boil kettle.

For hops, more unusual amounts:

2 oz Saaz, 60 min

1 oz Doug, 60 min

1 tsp Irish Moss, 15 minutes

4.2 oz Saaz, 5 min 

Again, due to packaging and what I have on hand. The "Doug" hop is a bag that my friend Doug got from a friend that works at 805 in San Diego. I'm not sure what it is, I think it's a milder finishing hop like hallertau or similar.

Pitched on the yeast cake from the previous batch.

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