Saturday, September 16, 2023

Batch 289, Leeser and Berry Cider

Sort of a Leeser, I guess. This recipe has diverged so far from the original, it's not really the same any more. I was out of stuff, so substituted. 10 gallon batch 21.5 lb pilsner malt - I only had about 5 lbs, so the rest is 2-row 1.5 lb white wheat - I only had a pound, oh well Mashed at some unknown temperature because I forgot to look. The mash water was at 163F, so I'm guessing low 150's. Adjusted pH to 5.3. 1.5 oz Magnum, 60 minutes - turns out I'm out of Magnum, so I used Chinook. 3 oz Saaz, 5 minutes - I only had 2 oz of Saaz, so I used that plus another 2 oz of Hallertau, both were pellets. Wyeast 1272 OG: 1.055, 1052 actual, close enough Also made a cider, usual recipe: 1 gallon (maybe a little more) of wort from the above batch 11 cans Winco frozen apple cider juice Mixed together, then added water to make 4 gallons, gravity at this point was 1.062. Oxygenated and pitched Wyeast 1272. I'll add the fruit in a week or so. This should come out at about 6.5% ABV.

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