Saturday, February 12, 2005

Batch 11, Black Diamond Porter

Batch #11, February 12, 2005, sort of a Black Butte Porter clone.

Malt extract:
7 1/2 pounds amber gold extract (bulk)

Malted grain:
6 oz chocolate malt
6 oz black patent malt
8 oz honey malt
8 oz crystal malt 10L
4 oz toasted barley (I got something similar, should have wrote it down...)

8 oz malto-dextrin, for body

1 1/2 oz Galena60 min
1 oz Cascade30 min
1 oz Tettnanger5 min

Wyeast 1338, European Ale yeast

OG: 1.060 (Black Butte Porter is 1.058 on the Deschutes web page, so I'm pretty close.)
FG: 1.022 (the recipe says 1.020, so again, pretty close.)

Steep the grains in boil pot for 30 minutes at 156 F, sparge, remove.
Add malt extract and malto-dextrin.
Hop per schedule.
1 tsp Irish moss at 10 min.

Kegged: February 27, 2005

Comments: The beer appears to be very clear. I stirred in some plain gelatin (dissolved in a cup of boiled water) on the 25th, then let it set for 2 days before kegging. This seems to have done a good job in getting out the particulates. The FG seemed high, until I remembered to check the actual recipe, and found I'm quite close. The recipe actually says OG 1.060, FG 1.020.

The sample that I took for the hydrometer was quite tasty, so this is one I'm looking forward to drinking. Batch 9 is close to gone, Batch 10 has been conditioning for a week, so it's about ready to drink, so this one can have a few weeks of conditioning.

Tapped: March 13, 2005
I stopped by Larry's on Mar 12 and picked up a second picnic tap so I can pour from two kegs at once. This batch is quite good, very clear, and pretty close to the flavor of Black Butte Porter.