Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on Batch 92, Amber

Racked to secondary tonight. Added 4 oz table sugar for priming per keg, 1 cup water with Knox gelatin for clearing per keg.

July 25, 2010, Update on the update -- this was an abysmal failure.  Linda and I were headed out for one of those Alaska cruises, and not thinking about secondary at all, I put both kegs in the fridge.  When I got back from the cruise, I put one of these on tap, thinking it would have naturally carbed while I was gone and the gelatin would have cleared the beer nicely.  What I had was flat, sweet beer.  Ale yeast won't do much at 34F so I didn't get a secondary at all.  I put both kegs back in the basement (66F), let them warm to ambient temp, then pitched a little more yeast and let them sit for a couple more weeks.  Now they are carbed very well.  I've got these back in the fridge now to get the carbonation under control, and am planning to rack to new kegs in the next day or so.

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