Saturday, October 9, 2010

Batch 97, Bock

There is a competition in March for Bocks, so I thought I'd make one now so it will be ready by then.

Traditional Bock, 5B
10 gallons

OG: 1.063, 1.063 actual
IBU: 25
SRM: 20
ABV: 6.3%

28 lbs Munich
1.5 lbs Crystal 60

Single decoction mash:
Dough in with 1.2 qts/lb = 8.8 gal for mash at 133F, hold for 20 minutes.
Bring 4.4 gal of water to boil, add to mash until temp is 150F, hold for 45 minutes.
Pull decoction, boil 15 min, add back to main mash for mash out.
Ran off 8 gallons, sparged with 4.5 gallons for 12.5 gallons in the boil pot.
Pre-boil gravity = 1.050

90 minute boil, added all hops at start of boil.  The odd weights are because that's all I had on hand.

0.39 oz Hallertau
0.35 oz Tettnanger
2.0 oz Mt. Hood

1 T Irish Moss at 15 min.

Wyeast 2206, Bavarian Lager yeast

Update, Oct 10, wort has cooled to 50F, pitched yeast.

Update, Nov 11, 'How to Brew' says primary is finished when fermentation is about 3/4 complete. (OG - FG) / 4 + FG = 63 - 16 = 47 / 4 = 11.75 + 16 = 28 = 1.028. Gravity is at 1.028 today, so I pulled the fermenters out of the fridge and moved them to the basement to bring the temp up to about 60F for a diacetyl rest. It should take a couple of days for the temp to rise.

Update, Nov 16, gravity is now 1.018.  Transfered to kegs for lagering.

Update, Feb 5, 2011, transfered one keg to a serving keg. I used a jumper hose and did not move the lager keg at all, so I got a very clean transfer for serving. This should be carbed nicely in a week or so, I'll fill some bottles for the competition. I had a little sample, it tasted quite nice.


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