Saturday, June 15, 2013


Okay, so this has nothing to do with brewing, but Lisa and I got married on June 15. It was a really good time, surprisingly fun and funny service (and serious too), lots of food, lots of beer and wine, lots of people, even got a standing ovation for our first dance. Great music, Victoria played the harp, Jamie sang, Joe ("The Deacon") had an original theme song, and had a great playlist for the reception party.

I suppose there was one beer-related thing to talk about, I took 6 kegs of home brew and brought home about a gallon total:

2 kegs Leeser (bohemian style pilsner) -- gone
1 keg IPA -- maybe 3 pints left, it's gone now
1 keg SNPA clone -- gone
1 keg pale ale -- maybe 3 pints left, it's gone now
1 keg stout -- last keg put on tap, there are a few pints in it still

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