Monday, April 27, 2015

Batch 168, Guava IPA

Second attempt at this Guava IPA recipe. I made all the changes I thought about from last time:

  • Increased the Munich to 5 lbs
  • Increased the guava to 1.5 lbs
  • Used Magnum instead of Citra for bittering
  • Eliminated the crystal
  • Used London Ale III yeast

Batch Size5.576 galBoil Size8.076 gal
Boil Time90.000 minEfficiency70%
ABV6.6%Bitterness93.3 IBU (Tinseth)
Color8.8 srm (Morey)Calories (per 12 oz.)233


Total grain: 18.000 lb
Pale Malt (2 Row) USGrain10.00 lbYesNo79%2.0 srm
Munich Malt - 10LGrain5.00 lbYesNo77%10.0 srm
Guava pasteSugar1.500 lbNoYes82%10.0 srm
White Wheat MaltGrain1.000 lbYesNo86%2.0 srm


Citra13.8%1.000 ozFirst Wort90.000 minLeaf32.1
Magnum13.7%1.750 ozBoil60.000 minLeaf27.3
Citra13.8%2.000 ozBoil5.000 minLeaf5.4


Irish MossFiningBoil1.000 tsp15.000 min


Wyeast - London Ale IIIAleLiquid0.528 cupPrimary


NameTypeAmountTempTarget TempTime
Conversion Step, 68CInfusion5.313 gal177.268 F158.000 F60.000 min
Final Batch SpargeInfusion4.897 gal186.363 F165.200 F15.000 min


Guava paste didn't dissolve in hot wort, so put it in the blender with some hot wort until it was smooth. Poured it back into the boil kettle through a strainer, only caught some hops and a couple of pea sized pieces of guava paste.

May 11, 2015: I kept waiting for the FG to drop to around 1.015, then I realized the recipe says it should be 1.019, which is where it was last Friday. Transferred to another bucket for secondary, added 1 oz Citra for dry hopping.

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