Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Batch 196, Malted Cider

Just like the last batch of this, which turned out to be really nice and drinkable.

5 gallon batch

1 gallon wort from batch 195
11 12 oz cans Winco frozen Apple concentrate
3 gallons water

Mix it all up in a fermenter, adjust to pitching temp, oxygenate, add 1 quart of London Ale III that I had saved from a previous batch of something.

One time when I make this, I really need to get a hydrometer sample so I have some idea of the alcohol content. I'm still guessing it's in the 5% range.

This is so easy to do, it adds no time at all to a brew day. I made the cider while the boil was in progress.

Update May 2, 2017: my nitro tap opened up, so I thought why not and put the cider on nitro.

Update May 22, 2017: it's not very good. It's okay, but boring. I added 1/4 cup of vanilla extract from Costco and 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Update May 29, 2017, this is freaking delicious! Too bad there is only 5 gallons. The creamy head from the nitro makes this tasted like apple pie or cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon is understated, but present, and the little bit of vanilla extract is really nice!

Update Nov 17, 2017, still delicious, but I want the nitro tap for End of the World, so I bottled the rest, which was 11 22oz bottles.

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