Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Batch 198, Saison

This is a rerun of the Saison I made last year for Libby and Aaron's wedding. The vanilla saison was absolutely delicious and was a huge hit at the wedding. I only made 2.5 gallons for the wedding, this time I'm trying to make more. I bought 5 vanilla beans from Amazon, they've been soaking in Everclear since April 18, and are still soaking. I won't add the vanilla until kegging time, and then I'm not sure if that is enough for 10 gallons, it might only go into 5 gallons so there is enough vanilla flavor.

10 gallon batch

22 lb pilsner malt
1.5 lb caramunich
1.25 lb wheat

Mashed at 151F. I was aiming for 148F, but there you go. I didn't bother to correct the temp, but did adjust the pH to 5.2.

4.5 oz Saaz, 60 minutes
2 tsp Irish moss, 15 minutes
3 oz Saaz, 2 minutes

90 minute boil.

Wyeast 3724, Belgian Saison yeast. Ferment at 68F. I bought two packages and made a starter, video below.

OG 1.054 actual

Update April 30, 2017, dropped the temp to 66F since I brewed a Panama Red today and 1272 likes 66F better.

Update May 6, 2017, I thought this would be done by now, so I went to keg it and found that the gravity is still at 1.030. I thought 2 packages in a starter would be enough. I pitched another 2 quarts of the same yeast, but it is fairly old, so we'll see.

Update May 11, 2017, the gravity is still not quite where I want it, it's at 1.020, I'd like that to drop another 5 points or so.

The quite chatter of yeast reproducing
I finally figured out how to not pour the stir bar into the fermenter!

Grinding grain, I love this mill.

Update, 22 May 2017, finally got this kegged. It took a long time to ferment, I was able to do brew a batch of Panama Red and keg it in the mean time. I dumped the Everclear/vanilla into just one of the 2 kegs, which should make that one delicious and more alcoholic!

Update, 29 May 2017, there really isn't much vanilla flavor, so I got a bottle of vanilla extract from Costco (good price, $24 for 16 oz) and added 1/4 cup to the saison.

Update, 10 June 2017, it's still not very good. Too much vanilla. I haven't done anything with the second keg yet. I'm hoping the vanilla will fade on the first keg, then I'll see about adding anything to the second.

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