Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Batch 209, some sort of Arrogant Bastard clone

I still have a lot (a lot!) of those hops from Libby's wedding a year and a half ago. These are the hops that went into the Hoppily Ever After beer, which has an astoundingly strong flavor of peaches. I started with an Arrogant Bastard clone beer, since it's a strong beer with a single hop. Arrogant Bastard uses all Chinook, which is what I was originally told these hops were, but these are definitely NOT Chinook. Plus I didn't actually have exactly the right grains for an AB clone, so here it is...

10 gallon batch

28 lb 2 row
1.5 lb white wheat (see side note below)
2.25 oz Crystal 120
8 0z roasted barley
8 oz british brown
14 oz Crystal 60

Those last 4 are an attempt to substitute for 2 lb of Special B. I thought I could just use the Crystal 120, but I had nowhere close to 2 lb, hence the rest.

Adjusted pH to 5.3, mashed at 154F for 60 minutes, more or less, because bad things happened -- the SS braid in my mash tun disconnected. What a pain in the ass! I thought my pump had died on me, so I tore it apart, and cleaned and lubed it, but it turned out that it was just clogged by grain. I had to empty the mash tun into buckets, then get the braid reattached. Lots of vorlauf today to make sure things were good. That only added about 30 minutes to my brew day, so really not a big deal, just a pain.

I'm calling this hop "Peaches" since I don't know what it's real name is... (update, they are definitely Mosaic hops)

90 minute boil

3 oz Peaches, 90 min
2 oz Peaches, 45 min
2 oz Peaches, 15 min
2 tsp Irish Moss, 15 min
2 oz Peaches, 5 min

As I'm writing this, I realized two things -- I forgot to filter the water, and I forgot to get an OG. I did remember to oxygenate and pitch the yeast, which was 2 cups of 1272 from the last batch of Panama Red.

Specs per Brewtarget:

OG: 1.068
FG: 1.018
SRM: 13.9
IBU: 110

Update, 21 May 2018: the hydrometer sample left me thinking this was not going to be a very good beer, but once it's on tap and carbonated, it is actually quite good. I would make this again, if I happen to have any of these hops again.

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