Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Batch 241, an IPA of some sort

 I was thinking about brewing, not because I'm low on beer, but because I needed a brew day to just chill out. You know, pandemic and all. I was thinking about doing some sort of Arrogant Bastard clone, but that thing is like 7.5% alcohol, and that seemed like a bit much at the time. Really not, but whatever. So this one is the same hop bill, but a different grain bill, so it should come out closer to 5.8%.

10 gallon batch

23 lb 2-row

1.5 lb white wheat

8 oz Crystal 120

Heated 8 gallons of water to 170F, mashed in, hit 154F, outside temp today was about 75F when I mashed in. Adjusted pH to 5.25. Mashed for 45 minutes, started recirculating for 15 minutes, collected 4.5 gallons in the boil kettle, second sparge at 180F, 15 minute recirculation, collected another 8 gallons for 12.5 total to boil,


3 oz Chinook, 90 minutes

2 oz Chinook, 45 minutes

2 oz Chinook + 2 tsp Irish Moss, 15 minutes

2 oz Chinook, flame out


90 minute boil. Super simple, easy brew day, got lots of stuff cleaned up that just needed it.


Wyeast 1272, American Ale II, 2 quart jars, just got them out of the fridge and let them warm up over night. As usual, 60 seconds of O2 in the wort before pitching.


Pitched the BeerBouy also!



OG: 1.058, got 1.064 actual, might need to adjust the efficiency on BrewTarget.

FG: 1.015

ABV: 5.8%, it's going to be a little higher, probably 6 or 6.2.

SRM: 7.2, that's the only purpose of the Crystal 120.

IBU: 114.6! Yeah! A real IPA, not that neipa shit.

Calibrating beerbouy:

Hydrometer    Angle

1.004                70.8

1.064                62.9


Seems off to me, but we'll see. 


9 Sep 2020: Pulled out the bouy and set the Inkbird to 33F for cold crashing. 

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