Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Batch 242, Panama Red

 The brewing season is winding down for me, we're heading south as usual for the winter sometime next month, so I'm brewing up a batch of Panama Red to take along, and also brewing a batch of Leeser to lager while we're gone. Double batch day!

10 gallon batch

22.5 lb 2-row (update, actually, it was about 17 lb of 2-row and the rest pilsner since I am now out of 2-row)

1.5 lb Crystal 60

1.5 lb white wheat

4 oz Chocolate malt

Heated 8 gallons of water to 170F, mashed in, hit 154F, adjusted pH to 5.23. Mashed for 45 minutes, then started recirculating for 15 minutes. Got 5 gallons from the first batch, added 7.5 gallons for the second batch, collected 12.5 gallons total in the boil kettle.

2 oz Mt Hood, FWH

2 oz Centennial, 60 minutes

2 oz Cascade, 30 minutes

2 tsp Irish moss, 15 minutes

2 oz Cascade, 5 minutes

2 oz Mt Hood, 5 minutes

I did a 70 minute boil on this batch rather than the usual 90 as I'm doing a double batch today.

Wyeast 1272, 2 quarts from batch 241, so really fresh yeast.

OG: 1.064 actual (target is 1.063, so right on)

FG: 1.016

ABV: 6.1%

SRM: 11.8

IBU: 56.6

In spite of being a double batch day, the brew day went really well. The only issue was my water hose broke where it connects to the faucet, so I had to stop and do a repair, but no big deal.

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