Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Batch 271, a Belma pale ale

 Another variation on a Belma-based pale ale, similar to the last one. This one is a little less hoppy. I had a request to make a Leeser, but I'm out of Saaz and I don't have any lager yeast on hand, so I'm going for a lighter (as in less hoppy) pale ale that the girls might drink since they don't have their beloved Leeser.

10 gallon batch

19 lb 2-row

1.0 lb biscuit malt

1.0 lb white wheat

Mashed in with 7 gallons @ 170F, hit 155F in the tun. 15 minute vorlauf each batch. Collected 12 gallons in the boil kettle.

0.25 oz Belma, FWH

1 oz Magnum, 60 min

2 oz Belma, flameout

90 minute boil, added 2 tsp Irish Moss at 15 min. 

Wyeast 1272 from batch 269.


OG: 1.050, 1.052 actual

FG: 1.013

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 37.9 (Tinseth)

SRM: 4.3

Easy brew day, lots of time between hops additions, so I cleaned and cleaned the beer shed.

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