Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Batch 272 - Centennial Pale Ale

 Another pretty simple recipe, using only Centennial hops. I have almost 2 pounds on hand, so I thought I'd do a single hop beer with them.

10 gallon batch

20.0 lb 2-row

1.5 lb biscuit malt

1.5 lb white wheat

1 oz chocolate malt, just for a little bit of color

Mashed with 7 gallons water at 170F, hit 155F in the mash tun. Adjusted pH to 5.3. After 45 minute, started a 15 minute vorlauf, both batches. Collected 4.5 gallons on first runnings, then another 8 gallons on second runnings for a total of 12.5 gallons in the boil kettle.

1.0 oz Centennial, FWH

1.0 oz Centennial, 60 minutes

2.0 oz Centennial, flame out

90 minute boil. Chilled to 120F, which put the plate chiller output temp at 72F, so diverted the output to the fermenter. Oxygenated 60 seconds, pitched a quart jar of 1272 from a previous batch (probably a pint of yeast). Covered the fermenter with a plastic bag, pressing out all of the air above the wort. 

OG: 1.054, 1.056 actual

ABV: 5.3%

SRM: 6.5

IBU: 39

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