Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Equipment Upgrade

It all started because I stacked things up precariously when cleaning up, and my pump took a fall and broke.

This isn't something that is fixable, so I bought a new pump head. I'd read on my home brew club form about Chugger pump heads, they are stainless steel and are designed to fit on to March pumps, so I bought this one:

Since it's all stainless steel, I needed to get some stainless fittings for it. I went whole hog.

This sure looks nice all assembled.


Then I thought I'd go ahead and get some tri-clover fittings and some high-temp hose:

Since I needed tri-clover connectors on the other end, I got those, plus bought three complete sets of stainless valves, pipes, and false-bottoms. 

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