Saturday, May 10, 2014

Batch 152, Panama Red

Yet another batch of delicious Panama Red! I'm behind in brewing, my stockpile of kegs is almost gone, so I went ahead and did the modification to my fermentation chest freezer to use bags instead of buckets. Now I can do 20 gallons at a time.

Anyway, a basic Panama Red recipe, 10 gallons worth:

OG: 1.061, planned and actual
FG: 1.015
IBU: 64
SRM: 13
ABV: 5.9%

20.25 lb American 2-row
1.5 lb Crystal 60
1.5 lb Wheat
0.25 lb Chocolate malt

2 oz Mt Hood, FWH
2.5 oz Perle, 60 min
2 oz Cascade, 30 min
2 oz Mt Hood, 5 min
2 oz Cascade, 5 min

Wyeast 1272

A few pics on brew day:

Filling the bag with 10 gallons of Panama Red. The bag on the left is just full of water, it was a test run. There is plenty of room this way.

I put my new stir plate to use on this batch by stepping up a month-old yeast cake of 1272. This is on low speed with a 1" stir bar, looks just about right.

Shot of the stir plate I build. It was pretty straightforward, a couple of parts from Radio Shack and a few parts from a dead computer. That's a 1 gallon food grade plastic bucket, it was the best thing I could find with a flat bottom.

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