Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Batch 226, Mosaic IPA

I still have a lot of Mosaic hops that were given to me 2 years ago. They've been in the freezer the whole time, and still look and smell good, so I thought I'd make a real hoppy beer to use most of them up. As it turns out, I still have over a pound left.

10 gallon batch

25 lb 2-row
2 lb biscuit
1.5 lb white wheat
2 oz chocolate malt

Mashed at 152F

2.5 oz Mosaic, FWH
3 oz Mosaic, 60 min
3 oz Mosaic, 30 min
5 oz Mosaic, flameout

Wyeast 1318, London Ale III

OG: 1.066 target and actual
FG: 1.017
SRM: 7.9
IBU: 134
ABV: 6.7

22 July 2019: transferred off of the yeast cake to secondary fermenter, added 2 oz Mosaic for dry hopping.

31 July 2019, kegged, added gelatin to the keg. See this post for some more details.

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