Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Just some brewery chores today

I did a bunch of stuff in the brewery today, and yesterday --

  • Cleaned the mats. They were filthy with dirt, wort, hops, grain, etc. I soaked them in a big trash can with PBW, then hosed them off, they look like new! 
  • Cleaned the keggles and the SS Braids, I should take a new picture of the braids, they look just like they did when I first made them, just as shiny. A couple of days soaking in PBW cleaned off all the discoloration. Ditto with the kegs. Super easy cleaning routine, just fill with water, add PBW, toss in anything else that needs cleaned, let soak for a few days. nothing left to scrub, just rinse and done.
  • Transferred a Panama Red to a new keg to help with clarity. However, I'd already added gelatin to this keg, so really, nothing came out except for really clear beer. Put this one on tap in the garage, a berry cider went empty the other day when I filled a growler for a tennis match (lost horribly, double bagel).
  • Skimmed the hops off the top of the Mosaic IPA I made a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't thinking when I dry hopped -- I'd transferred the beer off of the yeast to my second fermenter, then just tossed in 2 ounces of Mosaic hops flowers. I really should have put them in a nylon, which hit me about 10 seconds after I'd dumped them in the beer. Oh well. I was able to skim quite a lot of them off of the top with a strainer. I put a nylon over the outlet hose on my pump when transferring to kegs, thinking that would catch any hop debris, but it really didn't get much in it.
  • Kegged that Mosaic IPA. It's all Mosaic in this recipe, and the peach aroma is almost overwhelming. I'd named this recipe "Peaches" in the past, and it's definitely true to its name. Added gelatin to the keg, I've been really impressed with the clarity of my beer since I resumed doing this a few weeks ago.
  • Connected the second keg of Panama Red to the Panama Red tap. Had a taste. It was good. Had 3 more cups. Damn, that's a good beer. Should have eaten first. It's 1 pm, I haven't eaten all day and I'm 3 cups in, thinking of a 4th. Better go eat something.
  • Kegged a pale ale I made a week or so ago. Added gelatin to the kegs.
  • Harvested the yeast off of the pale ale. I should go take pictures, that yeast looks just awesome! London Ale III, in case you were wondering.
Went back and took a couple of pictures:

SS Braids after soaking in PBW for a couple of days. The one on the left is still slighly discolored, it's the one that usually goes in the boil kettle.

Really creamy looking London Ale III. I've done two batches with this yeast in the past two weeks. I've always liked this yeast because it harvests easily, and drops out for very clear beer.

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